Kristal Cherelle

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Check her on Sunday, Sept. 25th, 2016 at THE SMUDGE: HARVEST EDITION

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2015 Houston winner of the Hard Rock Cafe’s ‘Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands and Houston Press Award nominee for ‘Best Local Song & Best Music Video’, Kristal Cherelle has battled for her place on the music scene in Houston, Tx. 

Kristal Cherelle is a soulful songstress, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter,embracing listeners in a blanket of tasteful harmonies and melodic lyricism.

When paired with her duo of talented musicians, Padon Suber (Bass, Drums, Keys, Background Vox) and Sidney Jones (Keys, Drums, Background Vox), the listening experience is unmatched.

Her soothing ballads, raw emotion, and authentic instrumentation takes music back to the basics and enhances the listening experience by meshing the best of various worlds with jazz, r&b, pop, and blues influences shaping each song.

 Kristal Cherelle is, to put simply, unique. Her voice is unmatched and her style is versatile. Listening to Kristal Cherelle is an enjoyable experience.