Lindsey Papion

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  • I Love My Life

  • Let Me Get That Up Out Ya

Lindsey Papion, simply put is the Goddess of SOUL! She and her husband, genius producer King Tutt make SOUL music that is truly great for the SOUL! Together they own Purple Air Productions, that houses their boutique record label where all of these musical vibrations are created in LOVE!

They create, film, edit, stitch, and paint every aspect of Lindsey’s musical career together. Clearly, they are doing it right because some of her accomplishments have exceeded seasoned artist. Lindsey has performed for both President and First Lady Obama, she has performed alongside Kelly Rowland, Blake Shelton, Patti LaBelle, Michael Bolton and Nick Lachey on NBC’s Clash of the Choirs, and she even received an invitation to perform at the Vatican before a Papal audience. While still accepting Classical gigs, this Goddess completed a successful European tour before completing her first solo album.