Riders Against the Storm

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  • feat. Brenden Foster


  • Holy Water

Under the banner of “Party ‘Til Dawn” stands Riders Against the Storm (RAS), curating a magical experience, for whatever audience is in attendance. The award-winning husband and wife hip-hop duo do more then put on a hair-raising show. There is the sense that the unseen currents between everyone within radius of the stage has been turned on electrically – as Chaka Mpeanaji and Qi Dada humbly accept their role as conductors.

Chaka is a man with the knack for structural development and raw urban art with mystical edges. His career stretches from teaching in High School classrooms to guerrilla art installations, from promoting youth entrepreneurship to outfitting trendsetters with his NefrFreshr (Never Fresher) clothing/accessory line. All of these qualities are visible in the platform that has been set for Riders Against the Storm’s reach and growth. A native son of Pittsburgh, Mahone finished his formal education in Providence, RI. There he spent countless hours in the community organizing, and uplifting the possibilities of the deserving “underserved”. While in Providence Rhode Island, he met his wife, and magic ensued.

Qi Dada is a performance artist, lyricist and healer. Her healing work focuses primarily on young women; urging them to abandon thoughts that stand against their innate power. Her performance exudes the same to all that are present at any show. Qi Dada was born in Brooklyn to an undeniably charming Haitian family. Her lineage is strewn with patriots/liberators, mystics and coquettish elegance. Family dynamics brought QI Dada to Providence RI, and organically into the alignment of the century with Chaka Mpeanaji.