Toni ‘Alika’ Hickman

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  • Screaming Under Water

MC, Activist, & Inspiring Human, Toni ‘Alika’ Hickman, in her own words:

Born in New York, raised in New Orleans, I have seen many trials in my lifetime. However, it is from these trials that I have become the strong, determined female that I am. Having suffered 2 brain aneurysms and a stroke by the tender age of 32, my confidence was shattered. Before this situation happened, I was a hip hop artist signed to Suave House/Universal records, worked with Jazzy Pha, Jagged Edge, Kandi from Escape and Real Housewives of Atlanta, and more.

I was actually about to sign a deal in L.A. with Peaty Pablo & Suge Knight about a week before I had my  first brain aneurysm in 2004, but discovered spirit had other plans for me. It was my 2nd aneurysm that almost took my life away, because the vessel in my brain ruptured.

I had my 2nd aneurysm in 2007. Doctors told my mom that I had a 50/50 chance of life or death, When I came to after brain surgery , I was paralyzed on my right side, I couldn’t speak or add 2+2.

Wheel chair bound, and not being able to speak, doctors suggested to my mom that I be sent to a nursing home. They said it was possible I may never walk or speak again. After months in a wheelchair, I walked out of the rehabilitation center with a walking cane, while saying bye happily.

Since then I have written a book called “Chemical Suicide/Death by Association, did my album “Crippled Pretty,” Became a motivational speaker for the American Heart Association, started doing poetry events, and doing a documentary called “The 16th Strike.”

Nothing is impossible to me. In fact, I do the impossible all the time! It is  because of having my thought of commercial beauty shattered that I have discovered the true beauty within. And I personally have never seen myself more beautiful. My light shines from within and I follow spirit. So it is to my aneurysms and stroke that I say, “Thank You.”

Since then, I have performed at Georgia State University, University of Houston, San Francisco Library, and many more! “Only thing changed is a limp in my step! I am even more feirce, determined, and more hungry to accomplish what the doctors said I would never be able to do. My new Album is a project that I am most proud of, and I look forward to sharing it with the world!! UNBROKEN (My new album) is OUT NOW!!