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O’Quine “Urgency” Nickles, was born in 1986, he grew up in (Sunnyside) a neighborhood in Houston, TX. He’s currently a hard-working, husband, father, and Gospel Recording Artist (Rap). O’Quine was born to Robert “Frank” Nickles Sr. (Father) and Ava Barnes (Mother) in the 3rd Ward community, but due to bad decisions made on behalf of his parents O’Quine was raised by his Grandmother Mrs. Carolyn Heno, who won legal custody of him at the age of 10 months from C.P.S. (Child Protective Services).

As a young child O’Quine grew up with so much potential over his life, with his outspoken character, his ability to be multi-talented, and giftedness, he was a natural leader of whatever he put his mind to. As O’Quine grew older the innocent years of his life was handed over to his adolescence and O’Quine began to pursue and attached himself to wrong things. He joined a gang; “Bounty Hunter Bloods” was shot at age 15, and convicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon at the age of 16 which landed him in T.Y.C. (Texas Youth Commission) a youth penitentiary facility.

From the age of 15 to the age of 23 can be highlighted as the years of all out sin in his life. Along these years he pursued music as an expression of releasing the pains of his life to the world. On October 5, 2009, O’Quine surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in the back seat of a police car, faced with his sixth felony. He was fed up and sick of the life that he was living.

As of current O’Quine has released his first Gospel Mix-tape entitled “Humble As A Child” this project really ministers Christ to the streets, and has truly been a blessing to all those that have obtained it. O’Quine is the visionary of The Mo ‘Like Christ Movement and is also serving at The Real Worship Center in Houston, TX where his Pastor is Apostle C.D. Boulden. There are many more great things to come from this awesome young man of God, so please stay tuned.


Check him out at The Smudge- Harvest Edition ~ September 25, 2016!