Published on Oct 13, 2015

music produced & recorded by: Phil N. DeBlank
(c) lyrics written & performed by: vivafidel

The ‘Local Vacation” visual is saturated with historical Milwaukee imagery from the times of 1968. You will see the Commandos and Father James Groppi , up to the 1980’s footage of citizens protesting after the police murder of Ernest Lacy, all contrasted with the paralleling clips of current day street rallies and outcries after the police murder of Dontre Hamilton.

“When I was young I remember hearing the sad story about Ernest Lacy , I remember my parents being involved in that fight for justice, now here we are 35 years later and that fight for justice still continues. Unarmed Black men being targeted and killed by rouge police in Milwaukee is a real problem and it’s not new, just like in America. This flashback into history is the ‘local vacation’ , it’s happening all over the country. Some of us really need to do some research and learn what happened yesterday, so we can survive today and prepare for tomorrow. Hopefully it helps us think about the future we are creating ” – VivaFidel

Ernest Lacy & Dontre Hamilton were both murdered by Milwaukee Police Officers; This music video is dedicated to their families and loved ones and made in tribute to all the victims of police terrorism.

“Local Vacation”
music produced & recorded by: Phil N. DeBlank
(c) lyrics written & performed by: vivafidel

It’s about time we accept that reality for what it is
Milwaukee is ground zero , yeah it’s terror where we live
so don’t profile yourself trying to fit into that stereotype
they said you better know that ledge , and don’t believe that hype

This situation is confrontation , they tactics is intimidation
they scared as what?
with guns and tear gas and armored trucks
the military occupation , or your local police station
they dash cam or your cell phone, gone press record on’em
and exercise your rights for the rest of your life
this that survival talk Milwaukee walk with ya head up
citizens protesting finally getting fed up
no justice for the victims in a one sided system
listen get organized before the cries arrive, I’m sayin…
dont be waiting on no tragedy or brutality to build up your family audacity
and emergency plan

Verse 2:
We gone fight for the future so our babies make it to the top
we might not get there with them but hey, this is Hip Hop
cause when you step up in that cross fire , its more than a promo
Im that B-Boy stance in that Public Enemy logo
LL Vivafidel that shooting star on a sunny day
They all know me well from what I do, not what I say
We speaking from the heart
we aint reaching, chasing charts
your best list or your guest list or your wish-list is useless
I’m timeless, we can’t let’em use our own kind as agents against us
giving trinkets , incentives
Like emcees think it’s sweet till they meet me on a beat
and I’m setting slaves free
the revolutionary never cut with the scary
so you can keep your apologists and your little fairies
I’m a critical physiologist , naturally a novelist
motivational giant have you looking up to an optimist
long live Fidel talking that rebellion
let’s link up after the session taking action is the essence, yeah
taking action is the essence.

Video produced by: GPI Vision 2015 / Edited by: Armagideon

Featuring voice/video samples courtesy of the UWM March on Milwaukee Archives : full press conference clips & more see:…